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Vulvodynia (also called “vestibulodynia”)

November 10, 2010
Vulvar painThe term “vulvodynia” simply refers to “vulvar pain”, and does not imply a specific cause.

Pain is the most notable symptom of vulvodynia, and can be characterized as a burning, stinging, irritation or sharp pain that occurs in the vulva, including the labia and entrance to the vagina. It may be constant, intermittent or happening only when the vulva is touched, but vulvodynia is usually defined as lasting for at least 3 months.

Symptoms may occur in one place or the entire vulvar area. It can occur during or after sexual activity, when tampons are inserted, or when prolonged pressure is applied to the vulva, such as during sitting, bike riding, or horseback riding. Some cases of vulvodynia appear random where no particular cause can be determined.

It may interfere with a woman’s emotional well-being, at times leading to depression.

Vulvodynia |  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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