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Muscles of the female perineum

November 29, 2010

Arteries and muscles of the rectum and the female perineum.

a) Ischial bone, tuberosity.
b) Ischial bone, ascending ramus.
c) Sacrotuberous ligament.
d) Clitoris.
e) Uretheral opening.
f) Ostium vaginae (s. introitus vaginae).
g) Anus (s. orificium intestini recti).
h) Sacrospinous ligament.
i) m. Bulbocavernosus (s. constrictor cunni s. constrictor vaginae).
k) Bundle of m. bulbocavernosus that covers the legs of the clitoris.
l) Junction of m. bulbocavernosus and sphincter ani.
m) m. Sphincter ani externus.
n) m. ischiocavernosus (consists of 2 bundles).
o) mm. Transverse perinaei.
p) m. Levator ani.
q) m. Gracilis.
r) m. Adductor magnus.
s) m. Gluteus maximus.

1. Common pudendal artery (s internal pudendal artery).
2. Splitting the pudendal artery into a vaginal (s. vulvaria) and a clitorial artery.
3. Inferior rectal artery (s. haemorrhoidales externa).
4. Transverse perinaei artery.
5. Vaginal artery (s. vulvaria).
6. Clitoridea artery.
7. Dorsalis clitoral artery.
8. Deep clitoral artery.

Source: “Anatomy Atlases”


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