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Vagina Dentata: Facts and Myth Revealed

December 22, 2010
Vagina Dentata is the Latin for toothed vagina. This term was coined by Freud who stated that the vagina dentata is the unconscious collective fear in every male. However, researchers later found his data to be defective and fabricated case studies. Different cultures had and some still have tales of women with toothed vagina and they have served as precautionary measures of education on the potential dangers in having sex with unknown or strange women. In early civilizations and tribes of small head count, maintaining a good reproductive health had been crucial. Death rates were high due to poor sanitation and epidemics. Rulers wanted to make sure people under them do not bring diseases, specially the sexually transmitted, from outside. Rape cases were common during battles and invasions and the aggressive males might have been made a bit reluctant to rape the unknown.

The Mythology

In many cultures, mouths and vaginas have and overlapping, closely-related symbolism. The South American tribe Yanomamo has the same word for both eat and copulate. Pregnant and satiate are also two words they use a single word for. During the middle ages of Europe, the Christian church believed that witches are capable of growing fangs in their vagina. Beth shenayim was the term Jewish myth used for female genitalia which meant the toothed place.

Vagina Dentata in Popular Culture

In the movie industry, people have used the concept of vagina dentata in the creation of imaginary creatures and science fictions. The popular movie TEETH (2007) brings a story of a high school student who has grown up next to a nuclear power plant which probably caused her to develop teeth in her vagina as a mutation.

Vagina Dentata in Real Life

Dermoid cysts are a rare case that can cause parts of the body that fold in to form another organ, such as the vagina, to grow teeth, hair, fingernails and bones. They contain developmentally mature skin complete with hair follicles and sweat glands. Since it contains mature tissue, a dermoid cyst is normally benign. However, rare cases of malignant dermoid cyst tends to develop squamous cell carcinoma that can turn into an endoderml sinus tumor.Outer layers of embryonic skin give rise to dermoid cysts. According to a doctors experience, one woman had a dermoid cyst in the pelvic region and it grew teeth. When it ruptured through the wall where her uterus joins vagina teeth were seen. They can also occur in the eyelid. Sometimes the term dermoid cyst is used as a synonym for teratoma regardless of histology and location. These uses are common in gynecology and dermatology.

Periorbital dermoid cysts

Dermoid cysts often appear in young children near the lateral aspect of the eyebrow. These are of rubbery feel . They are either excised or monitored for sudden abnormal growths. The association of dermoid cysts with pregnancy has been increasingly reported.

Here is an example of a folk tale on vaginal dentata.

There was a Rakshasa’s daughter who had teeth in her vagina. She used to live mostly as a tigress and kept ten or twelve tigers with her. When she saw a man, she would turn into a pretty girl, seduce him, cut off his penis, eat it herself and give the rest of his body to her tigers.
One day she met seven brothers in the jungle and married the eldest so that she could sleep with them all. After some time she took the eldest boy to where her tigers lived, made him lie with her, cut off his penis, ate it and gave his body to the tigers.
In the same way, she killed six of the brothers till only the youngest was left. When his turn came, the god who helped him sent him a dream. ‘If you go with the girl, said the god, make an iron tube, put it into her vagina and break her teeth.
The boy did this, and when the tigers came for his body he climbed into a mango tree and made himself very small. The tigers chased him and the girl became very angry. He cursed her, ‘let nothing but your face remain!’ And so it was: she became a Chamgedri, which eats, excretes, urinates and copulates through one and the same aperture.
One of the mangoes opened and the boy crept inside. A parrot carried off the mango to a Raja’s palace. It dropped it, the fruit broke open, the boy emerged, and after various adventures, he married the Raja’s daughter.”

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