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The Vagina Institute – Nature of vaginas

December 24, 2010

Human female evolution

The Vagina Institute specializes in collecting, analyzing and processing data relevant to human sexuality and sexual organs as well as related information focused on female and male preferences. The data and information consists of all visible external parts of human genitalia and internal structures of the reproductive system, as well as human sexual practices and rituals. The overall appearance of human genitalia, statistics of genital size and defining what is feminine or masculine and what is not based on statistical analysis. The Vagina Institute is a perfect place to explore and learn about the sexual side of humans where you can find an array of statistics, comments and in depth knowledge of these topics, featuring the world’s most extensive study on human sexuality and anatomy.

From the dawn of time, human females have been evolving and changing with the passage of time. It is time to explore the female gender and what she brings to the world.

Nature of vaginas

There is a great deal to explore in human sexuality and the nature of female and male genitalia as well as human sexual response. The Vagina Institute offers an array of articles and columns written about all different subject matters related to human sexuality. User contributions offer another alternative also, to how humanity deals with the aspect of sex and sexuality. Read all sorts of articles and learn more about yourself and humanity as a whole.

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