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Vulvar-Vaginal Reconstruction

December 27, 2010
Traumatic disruption of the female perineum is not uncommon. Women are at risk during parturition; additionally, their increasing participation in sports activities increases the incidence of injury to this area. Tragically, women continue to be the victims of sexual abuse; however, many of these injuries involve only superficial structures and heal spontaneously with local care. When tissue disruption extends to deeper tissue planes or involves the vascular anatomy or structural integrity of the perineal support system, operative intervention is required. 


Trauma to the female perineum can occur from many different circumstances. The most common setting, of course, is vaginal delivery secondary to acute distention of the vaginal canal during passage of the fetus or to instrumentation during operative delivery. The focus of this article is evaluation and management of injury to the female perineum resulting from nonobstetric trauma.

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