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The Five Stages of Puberty

December 29, 2010

Becoming an adult is as much about developing a set of values as it is about developing physically. Whilst some of these changes may seem strange, the more we know about what is happening to us, the better we feel about growing up.

Stage 1 : Ages 8 – 11

When you look into the mirror, nothing looks any different, but inside your body your OVARIES are getting bigger and HORMONES are starting to be made.

The Five Stages of Puberty

Stage 2 : Ages 8 – 14 (average age 11 – 12)

Now when you look in the mirror, you will see that your chest is no longer flat. Small bumps called BREAST BUDS appear. You are taller and your shape is changing because your body fat is naturally increasing, especially around the hips, which makes you look curvy. Fine, straight PUBIC HAIR is now appearing between your legs.

The Five Stages of Puberty

Stage 3 : Ages 9 – 15 (average age 12 – 13)

Your breasts are still growing and becoming rounder so it may be time to start wearing your first bra. You are still getting taller, and your pubic hair is becoming thicker and darker. Inside your body, your VAGINA is producing a natural white or clear MUCOUS or discharge that is made to keep your vagina clean. You may notice this when you go to the toilet and wipe yourself, or you may notice it in your pants. It is completely normal and a sign that your PERIOD will soon be starting. If you feel a bit sticky, PANTY SHIELDS can help you to feel more comfortable.

The Five Stages of Puberty

Stage 4 : Ages 10 -16 (average age 13 – 14)

When you now look into the mirror, your breasts are quite different to when you were a child – you now have something called the AREOLA which is the pink area surrounding your nipples, and you may need to replace that first bra that you had. Yes, and there is a new change – underarm hair. You will need to make sure that you are washing carefully under your arms to prevent them from becoming smelly. Your hormones cause body odour and spots. It is a passing phase so keep your skin clean and leave your spots alone. Good NUTRITION will help to control them. Now your pubic hair has the shape of a triangle – you are nearly there. Inside you are getting close to MENARCHE (your first period) and OVULATION or the release of an egg may already have begun. You will start to feel MOODY and not understand why. Your very first period is called MENARCHE (men-are-key) and some families celebrate menarche as a time when the girl becomes a woman.

The Five Stages of Puberty

Stage 5 : Ages 12 – 19 (average age 15)

Now you are grown up. Physically you are an adult. Your breasts are full and rounded, your pubic hair is thick and curly, you are at your full adult height and your periods are fairly regular. Some girls may start their periods in stage 4 or later in stage 5. This is normal –

The Five Stages of Puberty

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