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Women’s Health Connection – Sexual Problems

December 29, 2010

Sex is a normal, healthy and usually pleasurable part of life.

The female sexual response is fairly complex though, and it is not uncommon for many women to experience sexual problems from time to time during their life.

Almost every gynecologic condition, for example, can affect sex for women, whether it is a hormonal imbalance, changes in lubrication, conditions that cause pain with sex, conditions that cause a lot of bleeding, problems with vaginal laxity and relaxation, abnormal discharge and vaginitis, pelvic floor spasm, STDs or fear of STDs, contraceptive method. Helping improve a sexual problem is sometimes as simple as improving the underlying medical condition. General medical conditions such as depression, certain medications, cancer, and other chronic disease, can affect sex as well.

Sometimes however, even in the absence of any gynecologic condition or concern, sexual problems still exist. If you are experiencing a problem with sex that is worrying or upsetting, you may wish to bring it up to your provider at Women’s Health Connection. Often we can help, although we do not always have an immediate solution.

Differences in the Male and Female Sexual Response Cycles

It is important to realize first of all, that although the male sexual response is fairly straightforward (ie desire, arousal, orgasm, resolution), the female sexual response does not necessarily follow that nice neat pattern. For starters, for men, sex is often stress relief. Not so for many women (although for some it is). Often women need their lives to fairly stress-free, or at least feel stress is well controlled, before they are receptive to the idea of initiating in or participating in sexual activity. For some women, particularly with gynecologic problems, or issues with body image and perception, sex may actually be a source of stress.

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