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Praising The Mound of Venus

December 30, 2010
by Pamela Madsen 

Have you heard a vulva being called beautiful?

In Sheri Winston’s book “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal” she says that women need a lot of “Pussy Praise”. I loved that – mostly because I know it to be true. Women have a lot to get over when it comes to their vulvas. After all – most of the messages that they get around their genitals have to do with “cleaning them up” and changing them in some way. There are deodorizing sprays and wipes (the message there is that our vulvas smell bad) – and then there are waxes for our pubic hair – and even plastic surgery to tidy up those inner lips! Oh yes – when it comes to vulvas – there is a lot of shame and disgust with our natural state of being. The road to Shameless self love is not an easy one for a woman with so few positive messages available to us.

When was the last time you heard a vulva being called beautiful? And while there are great artists that have given the vulva praise in art such a Georgia O’Keefe – the vulva does not get’s it due compared to the male member when it comes to praise and adoration.

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