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Teen Pregnancy

January 2, 2011
There are several problems associated with teenage pregnancy including social, economic, cultural, educational and political issues. Both pregnancy and adolescence are times of emotional upheaval and when the two are combined there is need for support and counselling. When an adolescent becomes a parent her education will, at best, be delayed but more usually it will be discontinued. Her employment opportunities are reduced, her income is likely to be low, long-lasting relationships are infrequent and there is often need for prolonged welfare support. Many adolescent mothers, whilst aware of their own needs, may be less sensitive to the needs of their child. 

Teenage pregnancy is becoming a serious public health problem, particularly in less developed countries where obstetric facilities are limited. Teenage pregnancies are associated with increased risks of miscarriage, premature labour, blood pressure problems (pre-eclampsia), small-for-dates babies and perinatal mortality (death of the baby before birth or in the first week of after delivery) is increased.

Prevention of unplanned pregnancy in adolescents has become an international medical priority.

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