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Teen Birth Control

January 14, 2011

Nearly one million teenage girls get pregnant every year in the U.S. Teen pregnancy has negative financial, emotional, social, educational, and medical consequences for teens, their children, and their community. Teen birth control is widely available and can easily help reduce the incidence of teen pregnancy.

Teen birth control can include a variety of methods, including:

  • Abstaining from sexual relations or intercourse
  • Barrier methods such as condoms, which block sperm from joining with the egg
  • Hormonal methods, which prevent the teen girl from ovulating
  • Spermicides, which kill the sperm before it can get to the egg

Some forms of teen birth control, such as condoms, are available to teens at the store for a relatively low price. Other types of teen birth control, such as those that regulate hormones, require a prescription. Many clinics and health centers offer free or reduced-price condoms to teens, as well as counseling and sometimes teen birth control prescriptions.

The best birth control for teens is abstinence – not having sex at all. Abstinence is the only safe way to prevent pregnancies and STDs and avoid the possible negative emotional effects of intercourse; outercourse, which is kissing and other forms of “making out” that do not end in intercourse, is also safer as long as bodily fluids are not exchanged.

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