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All About Genital Piercing

January 20, 2011
Health professionals as well as piercing professionals point out that the practice is not without risk and should not be considered lightly.

Genital piercing: the very idea of it is enough to send many of us, whimpering, into the fetal position. But it’s a practice, whether it intrigues or disgusts you, that’s becoming more and more popular for men and women alike.

Genital piercing has probably been around for a while, although just how long is difficult to say; histories of piercing tend to be woven with myths. According to Stirn, genital piercing of men has only been confirmed among a few tribes in Borneo, who implant bones in the glans, or head of the penis. There’s also some evidence from the Kamasutra — the ancient Sanskrit text that establishes the rules of love and sensuality in Hindu society — of men who had penis implants adorned with jewelry.

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